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    Personal loan is the non-secured consumer loan which can be availed by any of the individual for any of the following purposes like for holiday trip, buying home furniture, home renovation and in case of medical emergency. The reasons may be many more like these, but the solution is only one personal loan. But before we head forward towards the eligibility factors and some important points to remember before choosing personal loan, let us discuss about the benefits of the personal loan first.

    Benefits of Personal Loan

    end use

    Can be availed for multiple purposes irrespective of any ifs and buts.

    Easy application process

    Quick and comparatively easier procedure to apply for personal loans.


    Quicker the application, less time taken in the loan disbursal and hence more effective.

    Collateral not required

    No need to provide collateral security as it an unsecured loan.

    in tenure

    Repaying tenure could be extended as per your request to a limit hence lesser financial burden.


    Time to time change in the Rate of Interest would not affect your installments since the ROI is same throughout the tenure.


    One can avail tax deduction for a financial year once using personal loan for home renovation or construction, etc.

    Boosts Financial Condition

    Personal loan helps to avoid situation of financial crisis and aid you tackle the situation in every manner.

    Eligibility Criteria for Personal Loan

    • Minimum age for application: 21 years
    • Maximum age up to tenure: 60 years
    • Employment Status: Employed/Businessmen for at least couple of years
    • Credit Score: CIBIL score of 750 or more

    Note: Minimum Income and Maximum Loan amount may be subject to variations from different loan lenders.

    Factors affecting the eligibility of Personal Loan

    Keeping the eligibility factor apart, there are certain factors which directly affect your probability of availing personal loan. Some of which are mentioned briefly down below:

    • Location : Your demographic location plays vital role in deciding whether you will be qualify for the personal loan or not. Individuals from metropolitan region are more likely to qualify for the loan than those individuals who stay in semi-urban or rural areas.
    • Income : With the stable and higher source of income you are more likely to get qualified for the higher loan amount from the banks or financial institutions. These institutions often take their decisions upon the excellent repayment ability of the individual applying for the personal loan.
    • Existing payee : If you have already availed any personal loan and are still paying the credits then you are less likely to get qualified for the new personal loan simultaneously.
    •  Most important of the factors is your Credit score and credit history which will directly affect your chances of getting a personal loan. The amount of loan applied for, its tenure and the interest rate you can avail depends directly on your credit history and credit score. It is important for an individual to maintain a minimum level of credit score of at least 750 for being able to qualify for further loans.

    Realize Your Every Dream With Easy Personal Loans

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      Quick Approval

    Your Personal Loan Advisors

    Dehradun Homes is the team of financial advisors and experts having abundance of knowledge related to the individual’s queries about personal loans. Our personal loan experts will make sure to give you the best possible suggestions for your requirements with the essential assistance in the entire process taking place. Have any query related to the application procedure or unable to decide the best fit lender for the loan, contact our personal loan advisors and get satisfactory help and suggestions throughout. We make your personal loan application experience a swift and competent one.

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